Should Seniors go to Bumbershoot?
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Senior year is filled with many overnight events. For example prom, grad night out, and if you choose, music festivals like Sasquatch or Watershed. These activities are meant to grow your bond with your class and celebrate the many years you have spent together working up to graduation.

Bumbershoot is a music festival in which you go home each night and spend the whole day in large crowds. With other festivals like Sasquatch and Watershed you spend a lot of time with a group of friends you gather together at your campsite. Doing this creates more time to spend one on one with your closest friends and others graduating in your class.

With all these fun overnight experiences Bumbershoot becomes almost underrated. Not to mention it is in September, when most students have already settled on a specific college. On the other hand Watershed falls in mid summer and Sasquatch in late spring which is the perfect time to celebrate the beginning of the new chapter in your life.

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