How to Study for AP Tests
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The best way to begin studying for AP tests, is to save your notes throughout the class whether or not they are online or handwritten to look back on and review as the AP test approaches. As each chapter test comes along, study for that, and afterwards review the previous chapters you have completed.

Reviewing throughout the year is extremely beneficial, however, many students tend to wait till a month or less before the test to begin studying. If you are in this boat do not stress, you still have time to prepare for and ensure a good grade on the test.

Many teachers will recommend and make available to you resources like AP preparation workbooks and flashcards. These resources are very helpful but if you are searching for more information on the ground the test will cover, the College Board website offers all possible options of what could be on every AP test.
AP Environmental Science teacher Jason Uitvlugt tells students “This is not a normal test, this is comprehensive.” He suggests not to take hours studying like you would for a normal test but instead, remind yourself of the things you already know and skim study guides to refresh your memory.

These tests have so much information to cover that you do not have enough time to relearn each and every subject. Reviewing what you have already learned will be beneficial during the test because you will have the information in the front of your brain and ready to go.

Working your hardest to pass the test is extremely beneficial because it saves you time and money. At colleges like University of Chicago the cost per course is usually around $4,489. Instead of paying this, you could be saving thousands of dollars by spending $94, passing the AP test, and not having to spend the time in college taking a course that you have already taken. This also gives you room to add new courses to your schedule and to get the most out of college that you can

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