Does Taking a Zero Period Class Alleviate Stress?
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When registering for classes, one of the many arguments people present for why you should take a zero period is that it alleviates stress. But the question is: is this really true?

There are three main aspects of zero period that make your schedule different from a normal schedule. One is that instead of having the class every other day, as you typically would with any non-zero period class, you have it every day. This could potentially add to the stress of someone’s schedule if the zero-period class they were taking gave out a lot of homework. This is because instead of having two days to complete a homework assignment, you only have the night it was assigned to complete it.

Another aspect is that you have to go in an hour early to school every day (7:45 vs. 8:45). I have heard many opposing opinions regarding this as it highly depends on the kind of person you are whether or not this time difference will alleviate stress. For people that have a difficult hard time waking up in the morning, like me, the hour difference can be challenging and make your day feel a little more stressful at times. However, for people that have no issue with coming to school an hour early it can be a great reliever of stress. They say it is super nice to have a class go by that quickly, vs. a whole block period which is almost two hours long. They also say it is just nice to get it quickly out of the way at the beginning of the day, particularly for math classes.

The third and final aspect of adding a zero period class to your schedule is the fact that you get to have an open period somewhere else in your day. In my opinion, this aspect is what makes having a zero period worth it, and is the most important thing in alleviating stress. With having an open period, you get a full 110 minute block period to take time for yourself, get a jumpstart on homework, or work on make up work for another class. If you have an open third period or fourth period, you actually get almost a three-hour open period, given that both lunches are contained in that class period.

All of this being said, I would say that zero periods do in fact alleviate stress. Although you have to wake up early and you have the class every day, it is only an hour long and you get a whole block period open because of it.

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