Chinese Space Station Falling to Earth
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The Chinese Tiangong-1 was the first prototype space station. Its purpose was to be a manned laboratory as well as a testbed for orbital demonstrations and docking of spacecraft. It has been in Earth’s orbit for roughly the last seven years, but sadly, that long run finally came to a close. Just last week, the Tiangong-1 re-entered Earth’s atmosphere and started plummeting towards the surface.

Now, if you’re reading this, the chances that you were hit by falling space station debris are quite low. Sadly, the fiery projectile did not come in contact with any land, so pieces cannot be picked up, collected, and resold on the market. If any piece of the station actually survived its massive fall (because everything else just burned up into the atmosphere), it had fallen into the Pacific Ocean. Since the Earth is roughly 71% covered in water, the chances of it actually landing on land, let alone a human being or someone’s house, were amazingly slim. If you know someone who was hit by debris though, see if they have proof. The lawsuit would be a guaranteed win and quite a good investment.

If you were hoping that a little bit of falling space station, would put some spice in your life, you’re out of luck this time. All that you can do is cross your fingers that the re-entry of the International Space Station is completely uncontrolled, and you’ll have to wait until around 2028.

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