Bainbridge High School Baseball Team 2018
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Bainbridge High School Baseball has always been a huge hit. Some have decided they love it so much, that they want to represent the team as captains. This year they are Ethan Schulte, Brookes Lierle and Garret Aichele. Schulte plays shortstop, with Lierle at 3rd base and Aichele as either a center fielder or pitcher.

As of April 15th, the team record is 7 and 1 in the league, tying for first place. After losing to Gig Harbor, who won state last year, they have become even more motivated to take home the trophy this season. Where they’re in the season they find that their goal is attainable. Ethan Schulte exclaims, “First place is where we see ourselves at the end of May!”

Not only do they have the skills to achieve their goals but they also have motivation and positive team dynamics. “Most of the seniors have been playing together since Little League.” says Aichele.

Not only have they played together since only five years old, but players like Kellen French who played for another school in the past, reunited with his Bainbridge teammates for his last high school season.

At the beginning of the season captains along with others were worried that with so many new additions to the team, the team would have a harder time bonding. However, Now that they are halfway through the season they feel like everyone fits in and adds their own unique touches to the team.

One of their new additions includes catcher Luis Vale who came from Puerto Rico this year. The team has had a great time getting to know Vale and appreciate him being such a talented and enthusiastic player. He has also introduced Puerto Rican music and dance moves to them to get pumped up on the bus on their way to games.

So far the team has enjoyed bonding and players have made friends that aren’t just in there grade. A lot of the positive atmosphere is due to the team dinners they have before home games. They attend team dinners together at the Aicheles where they all enjoy bacon wrapped meat, a team favorite.

In the upcoming school year the baseball team has three players and counting continuing their baseball careers after High School. Schulte will be attending Whitworth University and playing for their team. Liam Hatakenaka will be continuing his career at University of Portland in 2019 and Aichele will be playing for The Marine Merchant Academy in the fall.

As for the future of the BHS baseball team, underclassmen Vale along with Jasiah George and Jonathan Kussie show promising potential. The present captains also expect that AJ Staff will be the, “Heart and soul” of the team in the upcoming season.

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