A Quiet Place Review
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If you’re someone who loves a good scary movie, then A Quiet Place is the film for you. The movie offers a different type of perspective to you that other films in this genre haven’t before. If you’re someone who is familiar with this genre, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the different point of view that the film presents compared to most of the other movies that are being put out at this time.

The recently released movie, directed by John Krasinski, is an exciting mix of horror and thriller. The movie features Emily Blunt and John Krasinski as the two main characters and has made $92.7 million in the box office. It was released on April 6 of 2018.

The premise of the plot is based in a small deserted town. The audience is initially unsure what has happened; the viewer doesn’t know at first what is going on, or why there’s nobody in this town, which adds an air of mystery to the scene.

The film starts off at a grocery store. Everything is completely silent, and you begin to realize that all of the characters introduced so far are in a family, and yet none of them are talking. The daughter is a girl who has hearing loss and wears a hearing aid, so at first you may think that they’re all using sign language because of this. However, the real reason for their silence is that the town has been overtaken with animals that hunt by sound. They have no way of finding their prey besides their incredible sense of hearing, and this is why the family has to keep completely silent, otherwise the could all be killed.

A few moments into the movie, the family begins a trip back home to their house, and you realize that they were just on a supply run. They live in an old, secluded farmhouse where they have many precautions put into place in order to survive.
As the movie progresses, the action picks up as the family is attacked by multiple of the animals. The movie follows their fight for survival in a world that is very hard to live in. The audience is shown how hard it is to live in their world when they like their nightly fire, but none of their neighbors light one. This is when they know that they are the final surviving family and that they must do everything in their power to stay alive.

They face a lot of obstacles that they must overcome, and overall it’s a very exciting movie. However, the ending is less than satisfactory and really doesn’t tie into any of the themes that are brought up throughout the movie. The viewer is left wondering what is going to happen next, as the open ending leaves room for a sequel in the future.

The movie is definitely worth seeing, but be prepared for ending but may not please you. A Quiet Place is still playing at the Bainbridge Pavilion, so go and see it while you still can, and be prepared for lots of jumps and scares throughout the movie!

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