What is the Best Year to be a High Schooler?
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This has been a long debated question — “Which year of high school is the most fun?” Well BHS students, I am here to provide answers, or at least arguments for some answers.

To start off: Freshman year. Freshman year surely has its pros and cons! One of the best things about it is that you get to meet all new people. Up until now, there has never been an opportunity to be at the same school with three other graduating classes at the same time (set aside elementary school). This is exciting because you now have the opportunity to make new friends. Another exciting aspect of this first year of high school is that you are handed this whole new set of responsibilities and freedoms that you were not in the past. For example, you get more choices in the classes you take, whereas in Woodward they were essentially automatically selected for you with little personal choice. Although you aren’t given as much choice as a junior or senior would have with classes, you still have the opportunity to choose things like fine art electives or the math class you want to take. There are also some important cons to point out about freshman year as well. It can be very intimidating at first. With the excitement of entering a new school with significant population increase comes the occasional intimidation of change. When everyone else (other grades) seem to know their way around like the back of their hand and you are still trying to remember teachers names and find the bathroom and it can be challenging.

Sophomore year is an interesting one. It is the transition stage between being new to the school and being an upperclassman, which has its benefits and downfalls. One of the great things about sophomore year is that you have already had a year to get used to everything which affords you more comfort when entering this new year. In addition, you have even more freedom in choosing classes. It is the perfect median year because high school still feels fun and exciting with all the upperclassman and new opportunities but the academically, the year isn’t too overbearing and you still have a lot to look forward to. However, there are some cons to sophomore year. For some people is just kind of average. You’re not new anymore as you were freshman year, yet you still aren’t an upperclassman/able to reap the benefits of those years yet.

As a junior, I have quite a lot to say about this. Junior year is awesome for many many reasons. For example, you get way more out of the classes you take because they are ones you actually selected for yourself, as well as just getting more class options in general. I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes this year because I find what I’m learning extremely interesting, which I can credit to my freedom in class selection. On top of this, for the first time you are now able to reap the benefits of being an upperclassman, ie. going off campus for lunch, having specific classes open to you and not having to take most of the SBA tests! However it is also very important to acknowledge the inevitable downsides of this school year as well. The first that comes to mind for most people is the challenge the academics bring this year. o start off, I have to refute this slightly: it really is not that bad. But it inevitably your hardest year given you are probably taking more AP classes than you would have freshman or sophomore year as well as it being the main year that colleges look at for admission selections. Junior year also just gets a little less exciting. You become pretty used to everyone around you (which can be a good thing or a bad thing) and are kind of just constantly waiting for senior year.

That brings me to our last year to consider: senior year. As I have yet to be a senior, I can’t speak entirely on this but will go with what I have heard. Senior year is a very conflicting year because (for many people) half of you are over the moon.excited to graduate and move on to the next step in life, and the other half of you are becoming sad and prematurely nostalgic about leaving all of your friends and doing things for the last time (last homecoming, last Bumbershoot, last assembly, etc.). But overall I understand senior year to be generally pretty great: you are the oldest in the school, and get the excitement of college mixed with the excitement of senior year festivities.

All this being said, it is up to you to decide: which year is the best at Bainbridge High School?

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Amelia Hall is a Junior at Bainbridge High School and one of the reporters for the BHS Spartan Standard. She enjoys writing about new and upcoming events, concerts, and sports events in and around the Bainbridge Island community. Outside of school, she likes to eat food with her friends and go on hikes.