Should High Schoolers See Their Counselors More?
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With high school being the launch pad for your future, I believe teenagers should be required to check in with their counselor more often.

There are a few reasons why high school counselors would be a helpful addition to teenagers lives. College is a specialized choice. A counselor would help students find the school that is right for them if they knew the teenager better. High school is also a very stressful time and teenagers mental health can go wonky. If there is a trusted adult at the school to talk to, tragedies have the potential to be prevented.

When choosing the right college it helps to have someone at the school that knows the student personally and the university in depth.

A junior at Porters all girls school in Connecticut, named Sofie Brandt has this personal relationship with her counselor and talks highly of it. When asked how this has helped with the college process she said, “My counselor has been extremely helpful because she knows me in all different aspects in my life, she knows how to approach me and I know how to approach her and what types of question to ask. She knows what I’m capable of and what I need to work more on.”
With college help at the high school, parents would not have to pay the steep prices for a seperate college advisor who only knows what you tell them about yourself.

The most important reason teenagers should be required to see their counselors more is to have that trusted adult that can help a student through the difficult mental parts of growing up. Brandt also made a comment about how amazing it has been to have that someone at school to go to for, friendship help, feeling sad, family issues, and much much more. When asked how she has made in a difference in high school, she said, “She is a person that I can always talk to, about anything whether it’s about sports, what we did last weekend or something I’m really struggling with physically and mentally. She’s someone who I’m so comfortable with and not afraid to ask anything of.”

In such a stressful time in teenagers lives, they need someone to go to for help. Not only would that help the wellbeing of the student, but it could potentially stop them from harming themselves or their peers.

For all of these reasons and more, I feel strongly about students having a closer relationship with their high school counselor.

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Gracie Dymoke is a junior at Bainbridge High School. She loves to write and edit for the newspaper at BHS. Along with writing she is currently a section editor for sports, but also loves to write and edit all kinds of articles from opinion to news. Outside of school she rows all year long on the girls varsity team, and on the weekends enjoys hiking and just being outside.