Never Again Walkout 2018
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After the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, many students around the nation begun to speak out against gun control laws. Around the United States, many students want to see change at their own schools to prevent potential catastrophes. So planned walkouts will be occuring during the month of March across the nation. The student inspired movement has been tagged the ‘Never Again Movement’. Recently, a high school administration in Texas has threatened to suspend students for participating in the walkout, but students and other administors thought differently about this kind of discipline.

A Texas School District sent out a letter to its students and parents stating the following: “Please be advised that the Needville ISD will not allow a student demonstration during school hours for any type of protest or awareness!!… Should students choose to do so, they will be suspended from school for 3 days and face all the consequences that come along with an out of school suspension. Life is all about choices and every choice has a consequence whether it be positive or negative. We will discipline no matter if it is one, fifty, or five hundred students involved.” After this message it was clear that the district would be taking serious action to any number of students involved. Little did the district know that this message would cause a snowball effect of backlash and support of the Texas students.

After news broke that Superintendent Curtis Rhodes threatened to suspend Needville Independent School District students. This caused a reaction of colleges and universities across the country began to send out social media messages in defense of the students. From Boston University to the University of Puget Sound, colleges decided to side with students, saying that transcripts showing suspension because of the walkout would not be met with punishment or ignored in the application process. Seattle University responded on Twitter by saying, “To the SU Class of 2022 & all future Redhawks: if you’re worried about a disciplinary action as a result of a peaceful protest, know that your admission to Seattle U won’t be impacted if you report it to us.” With this massive rally against anti-protest attempts, the Never Again movement will continue to grow until something is changed in our school districts. Whether or not students find themselves facing consequences for protesting, they can feel safe and confident in doing so, knowing that their academic careers are safe from the threats of their administration.

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Andy von Bereghy is a Senior at Bainbridge High School. He enjoys writing about music, student ideas, and upcoming events at BHS. Andy enjoys graphic design, skiing, and hiking. He is ready to add quality articles to the Spartan Standard this year by getting opinions and statements from students around the school.