NCAA March Madness Players to Watch
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As the 64 NCAA teams lineup to take home the March Madness trophy, a few key players will stand out from the rest and will be sure to shock the fans who gather around to watch. Just starting up on March 13th, the games have just begun. Hundreds of players have a chance to shine in a professional environment. The tournament provides great exposure for college level athletes who are thrilled to throw down on the court. As the games go on, there are many types of players to look out for, great defenders, distance shooters, and point guards, but it’s not all about the numbers for these players. March Madness can bring out the best and worst of athletes under this enormous pressure, so many can go above and beyond how they may look on paper.

This year’s tournament will host many great offensively minded players from schools across the country. March Madness boasts some pretty high records from over the years, but there may just be a few players this year who will aim to break them. Duke player Marvin Bagley III boasts a 27.4 game point average and is backed by a very solid team. Duke most recently won the tournament in 2015, but have a total of five championships and a record of 108-36 in the tournament history. With a strong team that is looking to go far in this year, Bagley could have enough games to score the most points in a tournament and beat the previous record of 184. Trae Young of Oklahoma is a top pick to take home the most 3’s in a game with the previous record being 11. Young has attempted as many as 20 in a game, so 11 is definentaly in his range if he has the accuracy to beat the record.

The best offense is a good defense, and there are many potential players to beat defensive records this year. With the previous rebound record being 26 in one game, Jemerrio Jones of New Mexico State is a contender for the number one spot. Showing off in his last 11 games with 20+ rebounds, Jones is a top defensively minded player to watch this year.

This year’s March Madness will be one to watch, with potential upsets and major victories for all of the teams. With tons of sharpshooters and powerful centers, records are on the table for these college athletes to take home. Keep an eye out for Jemerrio Jones, Trae Young, and Marvin Bagley as they’ll be sure to bring some heat.

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