NBA Reffing Issues
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Recently within the National Basketball Association (NBA) there have been an enormous amount of complaints regarding the skills and techniques used by the referees. People have been saying that they are not being lenient enough on calls. They are being accused of blowing the whistle over every small thing, and offering ejections far more often than they had been in previous years.

The interesting thing to understand about this issue is that on paper, there have actually been less technical fouls this season on in comparison to the normal average from previous years. Through January 14th there have been 760 fouls called, and within the last 13 years the average was roughly 821. It is clear here that there is some skepticism whether or not the coaches and players are speaking the truth about the leniency issue with NBA refs, because, while looking at the numbers, it seems all that they have to say is a bunch of rubbish.

Unfortunately, the commissioner and representatives working for the NBA cannot simply just brush off the subject with proof of these statistics, because the complaints have risen to an all-time high from a multitude of sources, especially people with a large voice in the basketball community – someone such as Lebron James. He’s been complaining about the difference in calls received depending on the “shooter versus driver” saying that the shooter gets protected far more. This is just one example of an issue that people and players have been having with the referees.

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, gave his input on the subject. “’s something that people are talking about. I recognize that, and so we have a small enough league where I think it’s about building relationships.” Silver clearly does not want the relationship between players and referees to worsen to the point where they both have a massive grudge upon each other, because that will surely ruin future chemistry and cooperation during games. Silver is doing his best to prevent an inevitable uprising.

Clayton T Black, an avid cyclist and person who likes to hop on and straddle a good bike every once and awhile, gave his opinions on the subject,. “Let the kids play. It is my firm belief that sports were way better before all of this malarkey about safety and regulation. It was better back in the day when basketball was just throwing decapitated heads in a circle drawn in blood. You know, the good old days. Ah yes I remember back when I was a kid… We would all line up and pick teams and if you were last pick *moves finger from one side of neck to the other and winks* it wasn’t a pretty picture for you. Ha ha ha oh but look at me, rambling again. Anyway it’s like I’ve always said; these rules and regulations are ruining our country. I say basketball should be as brutal as possible. No fouls. No time-outs. Audience members getting in on the action. Pure entropy. When did we become a bunch of ninnies? I want to see some action. Tell Stephen Curry to meet me out back. I’ve got a few things to say to that guy *cracks knuckles*. Go hawks!” Whenever the need for a rational response, Mr. Black always impresses. Tune in next week for some more wisdom from our favorite avid track cyclist, Clayton T Black.

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