Miracle of Life at BHS
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A baby boy named Cooper Pollack was born to Mr. and Mrs. Pollack on March 6th 2018 at 5:34pm. The birth of a child to a teacher may not seem newsworthy at a bigger school than BHS, or even here, however how could the bringing of a child into the world not be significant?

Mr. Pollack was gone from teaching for a month and he came back, with lack of a better description, looking like a dad. ANd that is meant in the best way, his cheeks were a little redder and his jawline was softer. It was expected that he would be tired, which he was, but the bags under his eyes weren’t extreme and he had this glow about him. Fatherhood clearly suited him.

When asked to describe the experience of his son being born, Mr. Pollack didn’t tear up but his eyes definitely got bluer. He thought for a second and then sat up straighter and the words seemed to tumble out. He said he was in awe of his wife and women in general, who were able to create a new life. He threw adjectives on how he felt bedside in the hospital, exciting, eye opening, incredible. He said the difficult part was the fact that all he could do is be next to his wife and offer her verbal support, couldn’t do anything to make it easier.

Mr. Pollack laughed and said that he wasn’t expressing himself very well, but how he felt was all in his eagerness to talk about his son and his big smile that never left his face. You could feel the love he felt, it was so touching to hear him gush.

On looking towards the future, Mr. Pollack said he’s been examining himself and his beliefs to figure out how and what he wants to teach little cooper. He said he definitely has a lot more respect for his students parents and he even sees his students a bit differently.

All in all, Copper is in excellent hands and honestly Mr. Pollack has never seemed more content and at peace.

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