Female Breaks Deadlifting Record
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Vale Mazzel came to Bainbridge High School this year as an exchange student from Italy. Mazzel has been a dancer for 12 years and before coming to the United States, had never deadlifted before.
Mazzel began frequently going to the BHS gym at the start of the school year. She stated that, “The atmosphere at the gym was funny and welcoming”.

Mazzel was intrigued when Supervisor Dustin noticed her at the gym and asked if she would be interested in competing in a deadlifting competition. She gave it some thought and was immediately up for the challenge.

Mazzel began training at the beginning of the second semester, and she trained three times a week for one month. She stated that, “It was weird going from dancing to deadlifting.” Even those these sports seem like polar opposites, they both take motivation, strength, and commitment.

Mazzel set a goal for herself of 225 pounds for one rep. When the competition approached she ended up exceeding her record by 20 pounds resulting in deadlifting 245 pounds. Not only did she beat the record she set for herself, but also the school record for females.

Vale Mazzel shows us the importance of setting goals for yourself and trying new activities. This also shows the importance of females at Bainbridge High School participating in weight lifting activities.

According to liftingrevolution.com, only 21% of women partake in weight training 2-3 times per week. This is unfortunate because weight lifting is proven to be extremely beneficial for women.

On average women can burn an extra 100 calories in the 24 hours after weight lifting. Weight lifting is also proven to boost your metabolism, balance, and overall improve your health as you age.
Each year 480,000 women die from cardiovascular disease. However, doing 30 minutes of weight lifting a week is proven to reduce heart disease by 23%.

Bainbridge High School needs to reach out to more women like Vale Mazzel in order to improve the overall health of our female population.

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Amelia Hall is a Junior at Bainbridge High School and one of the reporters for the BHS Spartan Standard. She enjoys writing about new and upcoming events, concerts, and sports events in and around the Bainbridge Island community. Outside of school, she likes to eat food with her friends and go on hikes.