East Coast Flooding
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Within the last couple of weeks, there have been intense rainstorms occurring on the East Coast of the United States, more specifically in New England. The winds and rains have been beating down on people ruthlessly, causing many to evacuate and find new shelter. Dozens of people have been injured and some have even been killed.

The winds have been blowing so hard that trees were uprooted, falling onto houses, telephone wires, and electric wires. The winds were reported to have reached 93 mph, and over 2 million people have lost power (400,000 in Massachusetts and over 300,000 in New York). People’s homes have also been getting attacked by flying debris and tree branches. Stories have come back from citizens of all states across the East Coast, reporting that their houses are more than six feet below water with windows and doors cracked on every side and corner of the house. Belongings have flowed out through open walls, soaking up every last book and electronic device that they had. They are losing their homes and having to evacuate to anywhere possible. Some towns are taking cover in local high schools or gymnasiums.

The tough winds and rains affect more than just the people on land, but also the people who are in the sky. Some people have reported that the winds around the East Coast are so bad that, on any flight leaving or coming back, almost everybody vomited due to the absurd levels of turbulence. These winds have caused delays and cancellations, which affects many more areas outside of just New England. Flights delayed there cause layover flights elsewhere to delay, which can completely screw it up for someone else as well.

So far, eight people have reported to be dead due to the causes occurring by the winds. Children have been killed who were lying in bed due to trees falling through the building, and adults were killed as trees fell on top of their cars as they were driving. Citizens have been notified of these tough winds and are highly recommended to stay in a safe place for as long as you can until the winds subside.

Clayton T Black, just one good cyclist, gave his opinion on the subject of hurricanes. “We need… to stop hurricanes. Yes that’s right folks. Everyone in New England please listen up. At exactly 1:30 PM on March 15th, please all face in the eastern direction, take a deep breath, and BLOW! Together, the might of the American people will show through and show that we are more powerful than the forces of nature. Nothing will stand in our way as we deflect every obstacle and destroy every enemy.” Clayton Black with some rational reasons for how we should fight against a force most of us know as unstoppable: Mother Nature. If anyone is able to counter her majesty, it’s T Black.

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