Drew Brees’ New Contract
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Drew Brees has recently signed a new two-year contract with his current team, the New Orleans Saints. The administration and Brees have agreed that somewhere around $50 million should suffice. He gets roughly 27 million USD each year in cash, and they have stated that he has no buyout clause until the contract expires (a buyout clause is a set number that, if offered that number or higher to purchase Drew Brees, the Saints have to agree to let him speak with the club who reached out).

Is anyone worried about having the veteran stay around? You better believe that they aren’t. Although Brees is currently 39 years of age, he does not show any signs of lacking in ability or strength. He has been breaking records since he joined with the Saints, getting at-least 4,334 passing yards for every season he has played with the team (with his record high being in 2011, when he passed 5,476 yards). Just last year, during the 2017 season, Brees broke the highest pass completion percentage of any quarterback who has ever played in the NFL. Out of every pass he threw the entire year, 72% of them were completed. These recent stats just show that he still belongs in the big leagues.

Clayton Black, past Tour de France winner (1998) and Senior at Bainbridge High, gave his opinion on the subject. “Drew, Drew, Drew… when will you learn, dude. This is pitiful Drew I pity you, yes I do yep uhhhh. FOLKS open your eyes this is the 5th time Drew has been traded this month Drew is HIDING SOMETHING! So what are your secrets Drew WHAT ARE THEY? I know you’re reading this, you sorry excuse for a Saint HAH don’t make me laugh. Drew I will crack your code I will. I’ll do it. Yes. Then we’ll all see who’s really behind all this. Drew don’t you see you’re at the end of your rope here my friend everyone knows it Drew. I know it. You know it. The American people KNOW IT DREW! Case closed folks come again next week.” Black had been studying the subject months prior to the release of this article, offering a multitude of tangible and useful information. Clearly a trusted source, Clayton T Black.

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