Worst Super Bowl Halftime Ever?
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I always look forward to the halftime show as my favorite part of the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, this years show left me— along with many others, utterly disappointed.

I appreciate Justin Timberlake’s music but throughout the performance, his voice seemed awfully quiet. This made it hard to hear and get into the music. I enjoyed his dance moves along with the backups but they definitely did not live up to half time shows in the past especially those of Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.
The outfits in the performance also needed to be reworked. Timberlake, in his camo blazer blended in with the backup dancers who were also dressed in camo, so there was not much to see.

I found the part where the young boy in the crowd was filmed, particularly disappointing. At first, it was all smiles and excitement beginning with a selfie that the boy took with Timberlake. Unfortunately the boy quickly got distracted and began staring at his phone while being recorded on National TV and standing next to the singing JT. It is those actions that make us feel ashamed to be millenials.

Senior Ethan Schulte found the performance “underwhelming and quickly lost his attention” However this underwhelming sensation could be due to the high expectations Schulte, along with many others, withheld.

Despite the performances failings, I greatly appreciated Timberlake’s tribute to Prince. I thought that it captured the emotion of losing a beloved star and brought the crowd together. Unfortunately, this one powerful moment did not make up for the whole performance. Although the halftime show let me down this year I am still looking forward to many more to come.

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