Top 5 Restaurants on the Island
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Bainbridge Island has a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from expensive, to that was their entire inheritance from a dead uncle. Just kidding, there are some great places to eat that are pretty affordable. The Top five, in no particular order are:

Emmy’s Vege House, was the reply from many students when asked about their favorite restaurant on the Island. It’s Vietnamese and all dishes are vegan. Their egg rolls are to die for, and the rest of the menu is just as tasty, and it’s for a good price, meals ranging from $4.75 to $6.50. It’s located in downtown Winslow, right on the corner before the turn onto Madison. It’s hard to miss, but even if you do, you’ll smell the stir fry from a block away.

The Streamliner Diner is another great place to eat. They’re known for their breakfast and brunch service, it has a great atmosphere, allowing you to just relax and talk and enjoy delicious food. Their eggs benedict with hash browns are worth every second standing in line to get a table. Chances are, if you head down there on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you’ll have to wait for a table. It never takes too long, it is always worth it, and somehow one does not seem to mind. Maybe it’s that diner magic that makes it feel like there’s no rush and nowhere else to be.

Subi, located in the Pavilion on Madison ave, it is definitely, if not the best, one of the higher dining restaurants. They have a wide assortment of sushi and fresh sashimi, teriyaki and even some ramen! Basically everything on the menu is mouthwatering, and the black and red aesthetic of the interior has one dreaming of being an assassin. The prices are a bit higher, but the the quality of the food is more than worth it.

Going to a different part of the Island, is Via Rosa 11 in Rolling Bay. It’s an Italian kitchen and market, so people can either tear up over their meatball in the restaurant or at home. All the pasta is made from scratch, which takes time and skill, it’s incredible. Don’t just take my word for it, go and try it out! Let yourself be transported to Italy momentarily, their red sauce is flavorful enough to make one remember memories of a childhood in Sicily from another life!

Bruciato, another Italian place, yet with a very distinct style. Opened by the same people who own Hitchcock, it has a high standard of service and excellent food. Bruciato is the hub bub on Winslow in the evenings, the place to be. They mostly do pizza, and what good pizza it is, a different style with thinner crusts that you have to cut with cool pizza scissors.

These may not be everyone’s top choices, but there’s one other way to know for sure and that’s to go out and try these wonderful restaurants.

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