The Yemen Civil War What's it even all about?
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Ever since 2015 there has been an ongoing war within Yemen. The conflicts have arisen due to political disputes, and changes within the government. The President, Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, has faced many problems since he has been given the power of the country back in 2011. These include conflicts over political corruption, food issues (not having enough for people to eat, not growing/importing/exporting enough, etc), and not enough jobs for the citizens of the country. There have also been a multitude of Al Qaeda attacks, for there is much territory that they have claimed as their own within the borders of Yemen.

The war began when the Houthi (Zaidi Shia Muslim minority) claimed some land in the northern parts of Yemen through brute force. They did this because they were against the decisions being made by the president of Yemen and they wanted to fight against his reign. They threatened the president that they were going to take over the entirety of the country, which forced him to leave and go abroad to avoid getting assassinated. Ever since then, the president has returned to a safer place in the country and has been attempting to settle issues between the two parties. Though, it is quite difficult when there are hardly any views shared between them.

The civil war has taken a devastating toll on the innocent people that live in Yemen. In just the last two years, 10,000 or more people have been killed and more than 50,000 have been injured. Not to mention that there are an atrocious amount of people without jobs that are just struggling to get by because of the awful conditions that are now within Yemen. Due to their reduced access to clean food, water, or medication, a rare disease known as diphtheria is having an affect on children in Yemen. Not one case of diphtheria has occurred within the U.S. for years, but due to the conditions in Yemen it was made possible.

Clayton Black, a die-hard cyclist and Super Senior at Bainbridge High School, gave his thoughts on the subject. “Here’s the deal, you put an amateur in charge of a country, it goes downhill (FAST) just like how Barack Hussein Obama put our country in the dumps in as little as five minutes after he was “elected”. Folks it’s as simple as this, we, as Americans, have to help the Yemenis to get their show back on track. Join me in a letter writing campaign to our humble master, Donny T, to try to get this issue solved.”

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