The End of Food Stamps?
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Recently the Trump Administration has pitched the idea of replacing food stamps with food boxes. The USDA claims this would end up saving the American government over $129 billion over 10 years (Evich). The current food stamp program known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), costs the government approximately $70 billion a year (

These food boxes would be called “America’s Harvest Box,” and would contain only U.S. grown and produced foods (Evich). Items included in the box would be peanut butter, shelf-stable milk, and canned fruits and meats (Evich). White House OMB Director Mick Mulvaney claims that this new program is keeping up with the modern times and is similar to the Blue Apron company (Evich).

Blue Apron is a company that sends out fresh produce, meats, and recipes to its customers. There are two options, the couples plan at $59.94 per week or the family plan that is $69.92 per week, which is fairly inexpensive (Goode). Although slightly on the pricey side Blue Apron’s customers are getting fresh ingredients to make nutritious homemade meals, which is more than can be said for those getting the “America’s Harvest Box” boxes.

There are still many factors that have to be looked at before the SNAP program can even be considered a thing of the past. Things like if a family has allergies, or don’t eat a certain type of meat because it is against their religion must be addressed before any real action can be taken. There is a major criticism that there is no plan for fresh produce, or meats to be distributed to families. Without the flexibility that families are given with food stamps, all will lose out on a chance to supply their families with the important nutrition they need. So for now food stamps will be sticking around.

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