Russians Killed in Airstrikes What could have possibly happened?
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Within all of the havoc that is occurring within Syria, there is a massive demand for help of all sorts. When they are in need of some people to help out, they have to go to other sources around the world to refill. A country with a large amount of people to give away, that is also relatively close by, is Russia. That is why some Russians happen to get caught in the crossfire of some American airstrikes that occurred on February 7th.

Wagner is a company that has many contractors, more specifically private military contractors or paramilitary contractors. These contractors go from country to country helping out whoever will pay them in exchange for service in their field. It is an incredibly dangerous job because these private soldiers repeatedly put their life on the line just for a little bit of dough. Wagner sent some of their contractors to Syria (no one is certain how many, and are also quite uncertain on how many Russian paramilitary contractors happen to be in Syria in general) to help out with whatever they needed to be done. While they were spending time within a base, a U.S. airstrike took place, killing everyone in its path as well as the Russians who were working for the Syrians. The U.S. stated that they were not aware.

This is a big deal in the news today because, technically, it is considered to be a fatal accident that was never supposed to occur. The United States and Russia are currently at peace with one another, so letting something like this happen is not acceptable. Russia is very upset to hear that many of their men have been unrightfully killed whilst they were just innocent and standing around somewhere in Syria. One of the men who had died was Vladimir Loginov, who was of 51 years of age. The group of contractors who survived were interviewed after the occurrence and they said this about the lad, “Vladimir died for the Fatherland, the Cossacks and the Orthodox faith!”

Clayton T Black, an avid biker and cyclist, gave his opinions on the airstrikes that occurred. “Listen up folks! How would you like to get blown up by a bomb? You probably wouldn’t like it! So uh, don’t do it!” A very relevant sentence which spectacularly tackles the meat and root issue of the occurrence. Eloquent, clean, and brilliant. Classic from the biking boy.

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