President Zuma’s Removal
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South African president Jacob Zuma who has maintained leadership over the country for 9 years was getting ready to be removed by his party and replaced by his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa. This comes as no surprise as Zuma’s presidency has been filled with scandals including accusations of widespread corruption in his government. Zuma clung to power even in his final days even being quoted saying he did “nothing wrong, and that he was a “scapegoat” for the country’s problems. Mr. Zuma had been found guilty of violating the Constitution in his handling of a corruption case related to his homestead, Nkandla. Further trials are expected to take place in the upcoming weeks. The nation’s national congress has this to say on the matter “The President erode the renewed hope and confidence among South Africans”. Party leaders have not elaborated further on this push to remove a man up until 2 months ago they fully backed. Mr Zuma’s associates have already been facing prosecutions as zuma’s time runs out. Including A raid on one of his well known business partners that led to multiple arrests. The congress is hoping this will force Zuma to resign before his scheduled 2019 term end.

Zumas effects will belong lasting even after his removal. He lacked clear policy, used public funds to add to his mansion, and gave power to whoever was closest to him. Criminals he liked basically had free run of the land. Hopefully this will bring change to a country in need. South Africa’s current unemployment rate is at 25.5% causing widespread poverty throughout the country. In the new presidents first speech he promised “the country’s poor majority would not lose their welfare” and “reverse a tradition of debt and cash injections entrenched by mismanagement and corruption. Lets hope this is a turning point for South Africa and the new administration helps get the country back on track.

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