Philly Celebration
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Philadelphia celebrated their historic super bowl victory over the weekend capping off the all night celebrations with a massive patrade that shut down the city. Aside from the immediate stampede of fans after the game climbing hotel awnings and light poles the parade was a more formal celebration with the team being toured through the city on busses. Philly is known for its wild fans and they did not let their first Super Bowl victory go by without a party to remember it. The parade drew fans from across all of Philly many of them getting their at 6am or earlier to get a good spot. Over 700,000 Philadelphians came out to support their underdog heroes. Many fans chose to climb the light poles to get a good view disregarding the polices efforts to grease the poles so no one could climb them. The entire city shut down including schools to come out and cheer the team on.

The city of Philly has some die hard fans no doubt about it which is what made this parade more than just an excuse to drink beer and party. Videos from around the city have sprung up with many of the older Eagles fan finally feeling the win they have been waiting for in this long drought. Stories of a man spreading his grandfather’s ashes on the parade route or a man who has waited 30 years to open a bottle of wine bring a more heartwarming side of the story and just show the true impact that sports can have. Philadelphia had been waiting a long time for this win and so they deserve to live it up. So if you are in Philly are just an Eagles fan in general slap on your jersey, start singing the fight song and climb a light pole in support of your team.

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