Don’t Talk Politics
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Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or independent. Elephant, Donkey, or Porcupine. If any of these describe a large part of your identity, than Bainbridge High School’s newest club might be of interested to you. Political Analysts club is the newest club at BHS as of last Thursday, 02/08 when it was approved unanimously at the Associated Student Body (ASB) general assembly meeting. As of the moment that this article is being written the club will hold their meetings in Mr. Dunn’s room on Thursdays after school.

The club’s platform is for all students no matter there political background to come and discuss what’s going on in the United States and international political realm. It is an open place for all ideas to come together and debate in the peaceful, way that politics is always discussed. The few students that have any interest in the club have mixed opinions about it.

“I looked at the roster and it’s literally just all of the right-wingers at our school in a room together,” said a Junior at BHS. While some have a more negative and near nihilistic view of the most recent club edition, most have a positive and optimistic view of the future of it, like Georgia Wood.

“Political analysis club is a great addition to BHS because it gives students a chance to be educated about all of the political viewpoints and form their own opinions in an open minded room,” said Wood. Excluding the opinions of the public it should be interesting how the clubs reputation grows as it starts meeting. Or maybe it will just disappear into non-existence like so many other great clubs as BHS. It truly will stand the test of time, in an age where time is everything.

About the Author :

Jack Naon is a Junior at Bainbridge High School.