Bainbridge Power Outage
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Last Thursday, February 6, 2018, residents of Bainbridge Island and neighboring communities witnessed a sudden and alarming power outage. Most schools as well as the Winslow community lost power mid-day while the weather was seemingly calm. People were perplexed what had caused the outage as the ones in Kingston and Bremerton were reported to be scheduled, and known to residents. Bainbridge civilians were given no such warning prior to the loss of power and rumors circulated quickly amongst school peers and social media strands. So what was the real cause of the power outage?

The “blackout” stretched from Winslow all the way up to the Manitou Beach area and left restaurant owners, and community members confused on the sidewalk. I personally was in Town and Country when the blackout hit and initially was under the impression that they were under construction. An equally perplexed barista informed me that their power was out and no one knew the cause.

On February 6, Brian Kelly from the Bainbridge Review released a mysterious article on the issue. He gave no concrete help throughout his piece and concluded in the end that Puget Sound Energy was investigating the sudden outage. So this means that it wasn’t a scheduled outage like the places around us that were experiencing the same thing. However, the mystery was solved later that day when Puget Sound Energy released the true cause of the outage. The company was forced to take their Murden Cove substation offline when they realized one of the transformers was leaking oil. The power had to be turned off in order to find the source of the leak and stop it from continuing. So the apocalypse isn’t upon us, and the incident is unlikely to repeat. Leaving the ever quiet city of Bainbridge Island to continue being quiet!

About the Author :

Grace Ande is a senior at Bainbridge High School and is a student journalist for The Spartan Standard. She enjoys writing about the current events going on around the school and in the community. She enjoys hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter and is excited to be a returning member of the newspaper staff.