Why is Live Music Important?
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Music recorded in the studio is incredible, artists are given a head space to get their vocals exactly how they want them. The producer layers all the expertly recorded parts of the song to make something beautiful to listen to in one’s headphones.

Live music is something else entirely.

Picture this, the lights are dimmed, the venue is full, the air is thick with anticipation, the crowd is united breathing in each others excitement, waiting to see their favorite band. The crowd hushes for a second, then the band walks out and the wave of emotion hits right before the roar of the crowd. The emotions at concerts can be overwhelming, especially in this day in age when youth identify so strongly with artists. Fans will be sobbing because it’s the person they look up, their hero, singing right up there.The guitar and bass start, and then the vocals the fans have heard so many times in their headphones. But this time it’s different, the band seems less like a celebrity, they’re right there, and their voice isn’t identical to the itunes version, there’s distinct pauses and inflections, but more than anything there’s more emotion, and more connection. It’s an incredible experience. When someone’s favorite song starts, the song that they listen to whenever they’re upset, the song they clung to and used as rock, it’s spiritual.

“There’s something magical about getting to experience songs live. It’s like for that one moment, that song is only for you because it will never be played the same ever again. Getting to have a version of that song that is solely mine is so special.” Natalia Barber tells why live music is important to her. Twenty One Pilots is one of her favorite bands and she’s gone to see them every chance she’s gotten.

Live music can never be replaced, feeling the bass in one’s chest, the raw quality of the lyrics that connect with the soul, and the community feeling in the crowd; these are unique to live music.

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