Waterpolo Takes 4th Boys Waterpolo
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One of the highest placing finishes in the state tournament in a very long time, this year’s boys Bainbridge Water polo showed why they are a force to be reckoned with.

The boys team, lead by seniors: Will Thompson, Sam Kapel and Miles Hogger, really played their hearts out in their final game versus the dreaded Mercer Island. The game was highly anticipated with a lot of built up tension heading into it. In regular season, the BI boys took on the MI boys at home where they lost by a mere couple goals. The stands in the Ray pool were full in both the home and away sections. The fans were getting rowdy as were the players. Cheap shots were being thrown and fans were starting yell some things they shouldn’t. The JV game was supposed to be played afterwards and was cancelled because of the questionable actions made in the Varsity game. Needless to say, this 3rd/4th place state finisher game was not one to be missed.

The game went on with Bainbridge always one goal behind. The Mercer goalie was definitely having one of his better games making some pretty great stops. With that being said, Bainbridge’s Sky Baird was playing lights out as well. Some shots that 90% of the time would be in the back of the net, he saved.

The game went on with the back and forth between BI and MI. Then there was one point in the 3rd quarter that Mercer pulled away. They scored three quick ones and BI just couldn’t come back from that. What was crazy about this game, Mercer would even agree; the reffing was terrible. They were calling things that would and should never be called. Most can agree that the outcome of the game was determined majorly by the poor reffing. Despite the reffing when I asked senior Will Thompson about the game he had this to say,

“Here’s what I have to say. The Angel of Death. The arcing spirit of winged vengeance that Sam Chapman used to dominate the second half of the season. Pity the poor goalie that hears the distant flapping of spiraling doom.”

Needless to say the boys had a great season. They really showed what it meant to play Bainbridge water-polo. With a varsity team of only three seniors, this was a fairly young team. They played up to the seniors level and put up a good fight. If you see a Bainbridge boy water polo player walking around campus, tell them congrats, because they truly did have a great season.

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