Trump and the Nuclear Button Has he actually lost all privileges?
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There is news currently being spread around the media of the United States of America: our very own President has recently been taken away from our nuclear weapons. It is being said that he has lost all privileges to send any missiles or bombs wherever he pleases. Although, is this true? Or have we been all tricked into thinking something that isn’t actually constitutionally allowed or authorized?

As we all know, Trump has been known as one of the most radical presidents that we have had in a long while. He sets to change things from the norm and to make America great again. This involves heavy switches from one way of thinking to another. This mindset has got us in quite a weird situation, more specifically with our relationship between President Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. They have been throwing threats at one another for months on end, and people were beginning to get worries that this small petty conflict was going to become something bigger than it had to be. Trump has always showcased a rash form of decision making, and if you aren’t able to connect the dots yourself, people were beginning to get worried that they were gonna start throwing nukes at one another.

So that’s sort of why we have started to believe that President Trump’s privileges have been taken away, but experts say that this may not be true. Due to the checks and balances of the Constitution and the way that things have worked for the last hundreds of years, there is really nothing that can fully take the ability to nuke from Donald Trump. Although many would like to see it happen for good, we must understand that the power is still held within the Presidency regardless of who the President may be at the time.

Clayton Black, an avid biker and senior at BHS, states this about the subject, “Makes absolutely no sense. This country is truly moving backwards.” Short, but sweet, from Clayton Black this week.

Carson Bryan, a root fanatic and collector of fine roots, believes that the power should be taken away from Trump. “I think that’s an incredibly wise decision seeing as how in the past he has had an issue with thinking before he speaks and acts. Having someone like that with people’s lives in their hands is a recipe for disaster. Trump is careless and that kind of destructive power should be in hands that aren’t so tiny and hard to grip things with.” Some bold words from our favorite root collector, Carson Joseph Bryan.

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