The Nude Mona Lisa; Is It a Hoax?
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The Mona Lisa is a well known painting by the artist Leonardo da Vinci, and hangs in the Louvre in Paris. In the Condé Museum hangs a charcoal drawing thought to be drawn by one of da Vinci’s students, but is currently being evaluated and examined; experts think it might be from Leonardo da Vinci himself.

The drawing is known as the “Nude Mona Lisa”, seeing as the woman in the drawing has a similar smile and similar features to the original Mona Lisa. The drawing is 28 x 21 inches, and has been kept at the Condé Museum since 1862. The woman in the charcoal drawing also has her hands folded the same way as in the Mona Lisa. A few other similarities the experts can’t ignore are that the paper that the drawing is on was made in Italy, and that it was drawn in the same time period of the Mona Lisa.

The experts and critics were only able to deduce that if Leonardo did participate in the drawing of this woman, that he only did parts of it. There are sections towards the top of the drawing on the face that could only have been drawn by a right-handed person deemed scientists and experts; Leonardo was left-handed.

The name of the student of Leonardo that is presumed to have drawn the “Nude Mona Lisa”, or at least a portion of it, is Andrea Salai.
Because of the resemblance between the Mona Lisa and the Nude Mona Lisa, the experts think that Leonardo must have drawn the charcoal drawing, or his own rendition, because of how many people all over have wrote commentary on it and tried their own Nude Mona Lisa. Some things will always remain a mystery, and in this case the secret may forever be just behind Mona Lisa’s smile.

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