So You Want to be an Olympian?
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Have you ever watched the olympics sitting on your couch in your room and thought “I could do that, it doesn’t even look that hard.”? Well then you obviously have never met an olympian or seen what they go through to prepare for the biggest sporting event on the planet.

For an olympian the Olympics are more than just a chance to show off their gift but it’s a chance to finally prove to themselves and the world that they are one of the greatest athletes on the planet. This does not come without a cost though and athletes dedicate their lives to winning these medals. As a kid they practiced and practiced never wavering from their goal of victory. It is common for athletes to invest four to eight years training in a sport before making an Olympic team. Other teams such as running take even longer to build the muscles needed to compete with the world’s top contenders. It’s not just leg muscles needed but the training also entails maximizing lung capacity and heart strength. Jim Ochowicz, who competed in the 1972 Olympic Games and coached the 2000 and 2004 USA Olympic men’s professional road racing team said about the training, “You get there by sticking it out. There are a lot of people that try and give up.”

It’s not just the competition but athletes have to prepare for all variables especially the weather. In 2008 weather In Beijing had temperatures in the 80s with up to 80% humidity. It’s no different for the winter athletes as ice storms and blizzards are common. Athletes must prepare for all circumstances and all events. They must be in top physical shape to even compete with their competition. It is a strain on both their physical and physiological health.

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