School Lunch: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
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Every day, thousands of kids across the United States and the world, eat school lunch. Here at BHS, we are lucky enough to have a great selection for lunch, as well as snacks and an incredible staff who feed us every day. Does everyone agree about the quality of our lunch? Personally, I think that we have a great lunch program here at BHS. With lots daily selections ranging from spicy chicken burgers, to salad and fruit parfaits. Our daily specials are most of the time pretty decent, with Brian always cookin’ up something special. What do other BHS students think? Some agreed with my analysis. Senior big man Mario Vukic said

“I think that compared to some higher end countries our school lunch is appalling, but the spicy chicken burger is WET lowkey. One day I hope to make my own spicy chicken burgers at home.”

Senior Michael Greenwood, ASB Executive Secretary told me,

“I mess with Nach[os]. Heavy. Also nugz (nuggets) and mash (taters) can catch it anyday. The snack selection is mediocre at best though, I only really buy the sun chips.”

Others however had less praise for our school lunch. Junior cool guy David Nikunen was a bit sceptical of our food.

“Sometimes you get some weird tasting stuff in your shrimp poppers, and sometimes the taste is very inconsistent as lunches vary.”

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