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For many students at BHS, they have had the opportunity to participate in various ‘life changing’ adventures around the world depending on their interests. Whether it’s doing community service in Nicaragua, touring France with a host family, or learning about environmental sustainability in South Africa.

Over the past few years, AP statistics teacher Brad Lewis and AP environmental science teacher Jason Uitvlugt (or more commonly known as Mr. U). Have taken a worthy group of students on a three week trip to South Africa in the summer, to work alongside field researchers at Mount Lajuma. Now, this isn’t the type of trip where you can go because you’ve “always wanted to go to Africa”. These types of trips are for those who just want to work in the field of environmental sustainability and learn about how statistics can be used in the “real world”. Students who have gone on this adventure have had nothing but good things to say about it.

This year, Lewis and U are teaming up again to take another group of eager students to the rainforests of Peru. The trip will be similar in the fact it will focus on statistics and sustainability but it would also involve working with the local migrant community in Peru. Students would also learn the dynamics of humans and animals, global health, and working with the locals about sustainable farming.

This trip is calling out to any students in AP Spanish or are confident in speaking Spanish. Lewis says, “Since they would be working with the locals, we want them to communicate with them well”. As well as anyone who plans to take AP Environmental Science or AP Statistics.

Another difference between the South Africa trip or Peru is the climate. When the students would be in South Africa, they would be working with cooler mountain temperatures due the country being on the southern hemisphere while students in Peru would be working with the harsher, rugged rainforest.

At the end of the South Africa trip, Lewis and U take the group of students to Kruger National Park and go on a safari. In Peru, the parallel adventure would be hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.
If anyone is interested or has additional questions, there will be a meeting this November after Veterans day weekend. The exact date has not been announced, so keep your eyes open.

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