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Country music artist, Keith Urban, has had a wildly successful career since he’s been in the music production industry. He’s been singing since 2009, when he released his first album, Defying Gravity, and his following has taken off ever since. He recently put out a popular new single called “Female”.

The song features acoustic instruments paired with Urban’s rich voice, and is very nice to listen to. The song addresses many issues women encounter every day, such as being sexualized and facing stereotypes. Urban talks about how doing things “like a girl” is perceived to be a bad thing, but counters that it shouldn’t. He lists all the strong titles women hold, such as being a daughter and a healer, among many others. The song’s overall message is very empowering to women, which is a nice change to see in the country music genre. Women are often refereed to as objects in conjunction with trucks, beer, and dirt roads.

Current junior and country music enthusiast, Eve Hurd, said, “I’m impressed with Keith Urban’s progressive lyrics and themes in his new song, and it’s really cool to hear a country song that empowers women, especially because although I’m a country fan, not all of ts music depicts women in the best light.” She also talked about how she’s excited to see how other artists in the genre respond to this song.

Senior Ian Drury also said, “I think that the new Keith Urban song is a masterpiece of musical art. He really uses his lyrics to pull at your heartstrings, all with a classic country vibe. I think that given his past as a fantastically successful singer and songwriter, this song will go on to be one of his best, and most beloved.” So far the song seems to be doing well among listeners at Bainbridge High School!

The song was a huge hit at the latest Country Music Awards. He performed the heartfelt ballad during the show, and has since had great reviews. The media is commending him for tackling the issue of gender inequality which isn’t talked about enough, especially in this particular genre.

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Grace Ande is a senior at Bainbridge High School and is a student journalist for The Spartan Standard. She enjoys writing about the current events going on around the school and in the community. She enjoys hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter and is excited to be a returning member of the newspaper staff.