Trump and His Iran Deal What’s the big idea?
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Donald Trump, our current president of the United States, is known for his radical ideas involving changing things set in place by past presidents. These include Obamacare, the freedom for certain refugees to come into the country, alternative maximum tax, and many others. Currently, the one he is working on is the Iran Deal. He is itching to rid of its presence, and he wants to do it fast. For those who don’t know, the Iran Deal has to do with the nuclear weapons that Iran possesses. Over the next 10-15 years, Iran is expected to reduce the nuclear weapons that they have, as well as get rid of centrifuges (device to produce the uranium). In exchange for this reduction of power they will be rewarded with the removal of trade sanctions against them, giving them more money.

Now, why does Trump hate this deal? To put it plainly, Trump feels that it is an incredibly one sided affair. They are getting too much and we are getting nothing out of it. Through the removal of these economic sanctions, they received between $50-100 billion dollars (hard to decipher after debts were paid). Trump also criticizes the quality of the deal because Iran, while being militarily suppressed, are still able to test ballistic missiles. He has also spoken out about the quality of these missiles, saying that they are capable of reaching Israel and that Iran is currently working with North Korea.

Trump has certainly spoken out a lot about this deal, publicly shaming it and calling it one of the worst deals in American history, “an embarrassment”, Trump has said. But what do the American people feel about the removal of this deal? Clayton Black, an avid political partaker and well-known mastermind of Bainbridge High School, shared his thoughts about the whole engagement. Black says, “The political hogwash of the 21st century has lead us into a dark unknown. The American people know nothing of what goes on in Iran or any country (even their own). All we know is formed from the combinations of the endless streams of propaganda fed to us by the government. The deal with Iran is pure malarkey. As citizens, we cannot even be sure that Iran exists, let alone make deals with their so called ‘uranium enrichment’. Any person who has any sort of knowledge of nuclear energy knows that thorium has a much higher energy yield anyway. In any case, ask yourself this: are your tax dollars going to a surely righteous cause? If you cannot answer then the notion of this deal is preposterous. In conclusion, Roll Donny T.”

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