Trick or Treat Are high school students too old to trick or treat?
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Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. Halloween is around the corner and the age old question is being asked again. “Are high school students too old to go trick or treating?”

High school students live in a paradox. For some things, like skydiving and joining the military, we are told we’re too young. On the other hand, things like going in bouncy houses and playing at the playground we’re far too old for. Then there’s the phrase, “You’re still just a kid.” If high school students are still “just kids” then going trick or treating should be perfectly okay.

Until kids move out of the house, or onto college, the tradition of going trick or treating should be a perfectly acceptable thing to do. It should be a choice for the “kids” to make. It should not be looked down upon by older members of the community. If someone is to be called a kid, then they should be allowed to act accordingly.

Of course they should still have manners. Obey the take only one piece of candy from the bowl rule; say please and thank you, that sort of thing. None of that, “trick or treat, smell my feet” business.

Although it can be argued that teenagers only want the free candy and not the warm and fuzzy memories that go along with the tradition, that’s not true. If we are allowed to go trick or treating then we can make new memories that are easier to remember and can carry with us for a long time. But hey, doesn’t everyone like free stuff every now and then, especially free food that’s not good for us? It makes it that much better.

Besides it’s kind of like a last hurrah of childhood before teenagers are forced to take on real world responsibilities. By this point in our lives most of us have decided that Santa is actually our parents and the Easter Bunny doesn’t really exist. So what’s the point in taking away the Halloween tradition of walking around the neighborhoods getting candy from strangers?

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