The Talk of The School New bench in the Wagon Wheel is the next big thing
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As we begin a new school year, there are many new things around our beloved Bainbridge High School campus. New students, new teachers and all around new memories are being created. One of the newest attractions at BHS this year is the addition of the new bench. Located next to the wagon wheel this masterpiece of art is catching the eye of many a-student as they go about their daily lives.

Donated by the classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013, the bench has been in the makes for years. Ever since its appearance, opinions have been flying. Personally, I think the bench is a great new addition to our campus. It could be used as a meeting place, somewhere to eat lunch, or somewhere just to sit on a nice sunny day during lunch. I think especially in this current time, places that bring people together are vital. I talked to some other BHS students to find out their opinions.

“It is the greatest sighting device in all of Kitsap County.” senior Mario Vukic said on the new seating device.

“It is a great new part to campus, and an opportune place to munch on your lunch,” sophomore Chris Daniels added.

His opinion seemed to be generally agreed with. Many other students told me that they loved sitting on the bench, and making great use of our new gift. Juniors Max Johnson and Andy Von Bereghy had a very strong views on the new addition to campus.

“I think it is super sweet. It is a great use of time, money and space, and obviously is a great place to sit.” Johnson stated enthusiastically.

“It is a really nice place to sit outside, especially in the winter, especially with all of the rain and cold.” Von Bereghy said.

However not all of the feedback for the bench was positive. Some students were not pleased with the new creation and weren’t afraid to share their feelings. Junior Grace Ande shared,

“I wish the bench wasn’t made out of metal. I think the material is far too cold for our climate. Whenever I sit on it my legs freeze and I am forced to get up.”

Overall the new bench seems to be a great new piece of the BHS campus. Many students have great things to say about it. Though not everyone is a huge fan, I think as time goes on the bench will attract much more positive attention. Maybe more will be popping up around campus in the next few years.

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Ian Drury is a Junior at Bainbridge High School. His favorite aspects of journalism are communicating with the greater public and helping others understand current issues. Outside of newspaper, Ian enjoys bird and fish identification, a bit of a Canada Dry, and tennis with his friends.