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“Every week I change my closet/Got a Fendi store in my house” future is a renaissance man in this age of rap and he shows no signs of slowing down. With his newest collaboration album with Young Thug (another rapper who is top of the music game), they came out with an album no one expected. They had no signs of working on this album until 24 hours before releasing it, they managed to keep it a secret from the public.

People were hoping to hear another rap album from Young Thug. After Slime Season 3 came out people were mesmerized by Young Thugs rapping style. He recently came out with a singing album that got mixed reviews around the music community. People were waiting to hear if Thug was going to come out with another rapping album but didn’t hear anything. Future made it huge after his 2016 release of Evol, people have nonstop been waiting for him to come out with music. He never fails to impress his fans coming out with songs like Mask Off, Jersey, Thought it was a Drought and Perky’s Calling. He has made countless appearances on the Billboard top 100 and does not show any sign of stopping. Thug and Future both came out of nowhere posting the tracks on Apple Music for the first 12 hours (now available on most music apps and sites).

This album consists of great verses, deep bass, and amazing beats. Nothing on this album is lacking, there is a wide variety of different songs on the tack list. From Young thug using his R&B sing style, to Offset and Future spitting fire on tracks. Junior Carlos Cardosi also a rap critic says this about the album “ It is a work of art within the rap community, albums like this are what everyone wants and loves.” Young thug knows that he has done well with the quote “If I wouldn’t have rapped I’d still be rich”

Bangers on this album include Feed Me Dope, Cruise Ship, Pentax Water, 4 Da gang, Mink Flow and Killed Before. Songs that can be overlooked are No cap, Three and All The Smoke. That being said, I recommend that everyone listen to the whole album and find your own opinion on it. You will find a song you like on it, and you won’t be disappointed.

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