Somalian Bombing What’s that about?
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With a death toll at 358 the repercussions of the bombing in Somalia are beginning to become apparent. On October 14th 2017, two bombs in trucks made their way to Mogadishu where hundreds of victims awaited them. Quickly after the first bomb struck at a hotel, a second bomb went off in the same area only adding to the destruction. The victims of the blast were mostly local civilians, but also contained two American citizens. The motive for this attack is still not confirmed, while many think it is a revenge attack from a member of the Somali army. The man was from a village in Somalia that had been raided on August 14th, resulting in 10 civilian casualties. While some evidence does point to this verdict, it is hard to confirm with the amount of information available about the man.

These deaths are horrific for more than the obvious reason. It is a crime and shame that these people had their lives stolen from them, but what often isn’t considered is the lives of people with loved ones. The families are truly devastated; not only by the death of a loved one, but also financially. Many of the people killed were primary providers for their family, and now the family has no income. This happened in the case of Ahmed Eyrow. A man with eight children and a ninth on the way. These children are now put in limbo. Their father was their only source of income. Now the responsibility lies with Eyrows’ brother to try and support these kids. He says “I am just trying to find a way … The kids are too young. I am going to do my best to support them.”

Another issue presented from this bombing is how the news covers stories like this, on CNN right now, there is a page long story about the Somalian bombing. Alongside this article are articles about exposing wedding pictures, kissing an opponent during a boxing match, and an instagram model. This goes to show that mainstream news doesn’t really care about stories that aren’t entertaining to the American public. Even though this bombing is bigger than any other story in the news, for the most part, it isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

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