Savages in the Surf But there ain’t any horses in this rodeo
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This last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with the three captains of the boys water polo team. The boys, currently sitting on a 9-0 record overall and a 4-0 record in conference play sounded cool, calm and collected; going as far as to call themselves a “top two team in the state”. They even told three time defending state champions Curtis High school to “watch out”. The boys have already faced two of their biggest rivals; Bellevue and Mercer Island. They beat them both handily and are poised for a deep run in the state tournament this year. The boys also have a tournament coming up in Oregon, when asked about how they think they’re going to do, Kapel said “aight”. Next on a more personal level, and asked them what their favorite and least favorite things are about the sport itself. “Scoring” Kapel said, “Getting steals” Hogger said and “Blocking shots” Thompson said. Where they all agreed though was what they hate most. Morning practice. The bane of every water polo player at the high school.

You can tell there is a comradery amongst the boys of the team. Banter was at a high level throughout the interview and the boys were in good spirits that can only come from dominating your opponents in, and out of the pool. When asked about what people should really know about water polo they said “There are no horses in the water.” Due to the confusion with equestrian polo. On a more serious note, “Water polo is actually really fun to watch.” Hogger noted, Thompson chimed in, saying “It’s really fast paced.”

The boys said that they usually play on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they would really like to get people out to the games. One game in particular to watch out for is the Wilson game. It’s senior night for your class of 2018 ballers but another added bonus to the game is that the Wilson team “likes to fight.” The boys urged everyone to come out to as many games as they can and specifically the Wilson game.

The mention of fighting at the Wilson game got us on to a new topic, the physicality of water polo. When asked about how physical it really is, I was met with groans but also a glimpse of how Bainbridge water polo boys get down as well. Kapel mentioned how he recently got ejected from a game for fighting and they went on to tell me about how they protect their players. When people mess with members of the team, they will get what is coming to them. Hogger even described the sport as “Violent”. With all that in mind I know I want to check out some water polo games. I plan on attending their senior night against Wilson and I hope to see your there!

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