Pedestrian Bridge From the Sound to the Olympics
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If you have noticed the construction down at Winslow, near the police station, you are witnessing history. This construction is of the first segment of the up and coming pedestrian bridge. This bridge will change the way we and others use and see Bainbridge Island forever, for it is the now becoming the home of the start of the Sound to Olympics pedestrian trail.

The preparation for this project dates back to 2013, when we first asked for the federal grant. Obviously, a project of this magnitude is no easy or cheap process, so many funds were needed from multiple sources. The federal government gave the project $2.1 million, and the city gave an additional $628,000. Although the bridge and ideas about where the bridge will cross 305 (expected to be multiple points, around four) are still needed to be decided upon. A majority of the money for the project has been received and is ready to be put to good use.

The sole purpose of this project was for not only something that will act as a convenient source of transportation, but also will bright the community on Bainbridge Island. Tourists and visitors will love to see the travelling take place, and many people will probably come far and wide to test it out. It also allows easier commute for people that live on the other side of the water (to the west).

The path itself will be completely and solely for the use of non-motorized vehicles. This makes it a nice and peaceful ride for passengers, but also promotes environmental awareness. Many bikers and walkers will be seen on this road enjoying the sweet release of exercise, or perhaps a nice stroll. This project has also been seen by most bikers as quite a blessing. Highway 305 can be a tight place to bike, alongside moving cars and rush hour traffic. With biking accidents happening too often, a trail and bridge spanning this area is sure to help the safety of pedestrians. The section on the island will be about 12 feet in width, and will span an 0.8-mile section up the length of highway 305.

Mr. Ian Drury, Senior at BHS and a second child of a set of biking, commuting parents, is quite enthralled in the project himself. When asked what he is most excited for, Drury responds, “It’s a good idea because it will give nature lovers a connection to the Olympics, but in reality, who will walk, run, segway, scoot, or bike all the way from Bainbridge to the Olympics.”

Clayton Black, Senior at BHS and an avid biker, is more entranced with the building process of this beast. Black says, “I am very interested in ped[estrian] bridges. I hope to build them one day. Roll bridge.”

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