Pancakes on Fire
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Most of us can remember going to the fire house, once a year, with our families to ride the fire truck, try on firefighter gear, and most importantly eat some flapjacks. The iconic Bainbridge Island Fire Department (BIFD) pancake breakfast has celebrated its 75th anniversary, this year, since its inception in 1942. Yes that’s right since WWII every october, we celebrated the BIFD establishment with pancakes, and municipal employees. Or so people think.

No one really knows when the tradition started on Bainbridge, but a firefighter who’s been with the dept for over 60 years says it’s been happening since before he joined. Fire Chief Dave Hannon claims that “No one really knows for sure,” when it began, but it doesn’t matter, how, why or when, because it’s about the community now.

When it first started the gathering was small. Just like the entire island. It was a way for the community to meet and interact with the BIFD. Now it’s estimated that over 2,000 people are in attendance each year, many of whom are volunteers for the event.

The pancake breakfast is actually a fundraiser for the firefighters association, an organization that provides resources and services for firefighters across the country.

No matter if you attend the event for not, or if you just see the signs while driving around. Its truly a tradition to remember, even into adulthood.

About the Author :

Jack Naon is a Junior at Bainbridge High School.