New League Leads to a Fresh Start
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For the Bainbridge Island High School football team, the league switch to Metro Valley 3A has led to a strong start to the season.

“This year we will have better competition, and more public schools like us.” One of a number of senior captains, Ethan Peloquin stated

Along with league changes, the team seems to be getting the hang of the new offence and coaches. With the new season comes new players. There is a long list of up and coming players; Peloquin listed a few.

“Franco is a wide receiver with great hands. John Devlin is an awesome quarterback and outside receiver.”

Gannon Winker, starting quarterback, added that Jakob Mathisen is also someone to watch out for.

Along with Peloquin, Jacob Hogger, Nathan Eaton, Jacob Mathisen, and Kyle Bierly are also leading this team. Even though many started playing football at the high school, there are also many that have been playing for up to nine years. This means something about the sport has stuck with them. “I like the game and how it is a team sport, which means you have to work together,” said Hogger.

Peloquin chimed in, “You really have to test yourself because at this stage a lot of people are playing offense and defense which is very tiring, and to put that much strain on your body is interesting to see how you adjust to it,” added Peloquin. “You really want to push yourself, and that’s when passion comes in. Nothing is like the adrenaline that comes along with it.”

With success on the horizon the team has made a goal of seven wins and hopefully beating their rivals Lakeside to then carry on to playoffs. “It’s going to be tough, but I think we can do it. I’m really excited to see how the rest of the season goes,” Peloquin said, feeling confident in his teammates and the new league.

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