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Stephen King’s 22nd novel It, recently resurfaced as a modernized version of the 1990 miniseries. Released in theaters September 8th of this year, It is one of 66 movie adaptations that have been inspired by King’s novels. This one being one of the more successful ones.

Set in Derry, Maine, this film takes the viewer on a thrilling ride of terror. From dealing with school bullies to an interdimensional child-killer, director Andres Muschietti effectively captures the common day terrors as well as the completely fictional. Muschietti was able to successfully balance the horrific with the humorous, causing the film to have a touch of humanity despite its crazy plot line.

The film starts out just as the book does with Georgie, the younger brother of Bill, chasing his paper boat down the street in a rainstorm. When the boat slips into the gutter, the young boy kneels down to retrieve it, only to be meet by the yellow-eyed gaze of the clown Pennywise. Needless to say the young boy meets an untimely end.

This opening scene sets up the rest of the film, leading Georgie’s older brother Bill and his friends on a quest to figure out what dark presence is terrorizing the little town of Derry. All of them are terrorized by Pennywise in the form of what they fear the most.

In any event, if you like horror movies, this a must see fall movie. See it in theaters, because at home it just won’t be the same. Keep your eyes peeled, as hinted in the ending of the movie, there might be another instalment of Pennywise’s reign of terror. And if you’ve read the book, then you know there definitely could be a sequel.

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