How Early is Too Early?
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The leaves are changing, the weather is getting steadily worse, and Halloween decorations are beginning to make their way onto front porches, windows, and fences around Bainbridge Island. All this raises the question, how early is too early? When is it too soon to showcase your excitement for one of the most popular American holidays?

Throughout the years, decorations for this spooky day have been showing up earlier and earlier. It all starts in September or even late August when, without a doubt, you walk into your neighborhood Safeway or Rite Aid. Right away you’ll see, jack o’lantern buckets, massive bags of candy, and costumes. As the month goes on, more and more decorations, like fake spiders, fake spider webs, and ghoul statues. Pumpkins litter the storefront, and all over the island orange and yellow decorations are erupting.

Personally, I think that any time before October 1st is FAR too early. Those who put up their scary skeletons, and other spooky things need to wait until the month of October commences. Senior Mackenzie Chapman agreed with me.

“October one is the first day of Halloween. September is definitely to early, but October is absolutely fair game.” She said

Other students weren’t so sure. Senior Mario Vukic told me,
“Fall starts in September, Halloween is the best fall holiday. The second Fall starts I’m feelin’ spooky.”

Newspaper editor in chief, Genevieve Hurd, in an exclusive interview told me “I think about two weeks into October is the perfect time, because it’s not too soon, but not too late.”

So BHS, how early do you put your decorations up? Is it to early, or too late? Or just right? Halloween is one of the happiest times of the year. Make sure to enjoy it!

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Ian Drury is a Junior at Bainbridge High School. His favorite aspects of journalism are communicating with the greater public and helping others understand current issues. Outside of newspaper, Ian enjoys bird and fish identification, a bit of a Canada Dry, and tennis with his friends.