How are the Seahawks Doing A look into the Seahawks season
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Football season, the thing people long for all year. Whether your favorite thing about it is the NFL, college football, or fantasy football; One thing people in Seattle can all rally behind is the Seahawks. Maybe it’s Russell Wilson sprinting for a first down or Jimmy Graham catching a touchdown pass, but everyone is fired up for this year of Seahawks football.

Historically the Seahawks have never been a great team; they made it to the playoffs every now and then and even made it to the Super Bowl in 2005. Overall they were a below average team. Then came the era of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. A strong mobile quarterback, a bruising running back and a powerful defence. With this devastating combo the Seahawks made back to back appearances to the Super Bowl in 2013 and 2014, winning in 2013. The Seahawks now have a new formula for victory though, with an offence built around speed and star quarterback, Russell Wilson, they have had some trouble scoring against good defences. Where the Seahawks have been consistent though is their dominant defence. Nicknamed the Legion of Boom, the Seahawks secondary has been performing fantastically, while the front seven have also been playing well. This defence often has to “bail out” the offence from tough situations and there is usually a lot of pressure on them to perform well.

In terms of this season, the Seahawks have been very up and down. Coming into this season they were third in the power rankings and looked to be a top tier team. Currently, the Seahawks are 2-2, with one of those wins coming from 49er’s after being down for most of the game, and from the Colts after being down at half. These wins are both from bottom of the barrel teams, and while the Packers are having a fantastic season, a loss to the Titans is a bit worrying. This does not necessarily mean the worst for the Seahawks, in 2015 they started 0-2 and went to 2-4 but still managed to make the playoffs at 10-5. This shows us that the Seahawks are a second half of the season team, it takes a while for them to come into their own. Their next game against the Rams should be telling of how the rest of the season will go. While a loss does not necessarily mean the end for the Seahawks, it certainly wouldn’t quell the nerves people have about this season. The Rams shouldn’t be underestimated though, with rookie quarterback Jared Goff, running back Todd Gurley, and receiver Sammy Watkins, the Rams have an electric offence. This Sunday should be another test for the strong Seahawks defence.

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