Halloween or Thanksgiving?
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With Halloween passed and Thanksgiving approaching, many can’t help but realize that the hype for Halloween doesn’t carry to the November holiday. Often stores skip right from spooky decorations to jolly holiday ones, right over Thanksgiving. The most you can possibly expect to see are some turkey-themed items or a single awkward pilgrim welcome sign in a section of a store. So let’s shed some light upon the differences between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and why they’re each pretty great holidays.


  • Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which celebrated the end of the year, and welcomed the new year on November 1st
  • Halloween is when you get tons candy for free, or you get to have a warm feeling in your heart when you give out candy to little kids (and the occasional enthustic teenager)
  • You get to decorate your house as spookily as possible, sometimes in competition with your neighbors
  • It’s your one opportunity to dress in costume as something else, whatever that means to you!


  • Thanksgiving originated from a celebration at the Plymouth Plantation when the settlers held a feast after a successful growing season
  • Thanksgiving is when you get high-quality homemade dinner, or when you get to have the pleasure of making a delicious meal for your family and close friends
  • Leading up to the winter holidays, the season of amazing scented candles starts with Thanksgiving; fill your house with aromatic candles to celebrate the season!
  • Get fancied up to go out to dinner to someplace nice, or stay comfy at home in sweats and a t-shirt, the quality of the food often stays marvelous

So here’s some reasons to love each of these holidays. Whichever one you prefer is up to you, but each has different aspects for a person to love.

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