Dream Team What is exactly is fantasy football?
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Go football? Yes that’s right, it’s fall again and that means it’s Fantasy Football time! Fantasy Football, those two words are pretty intimidating. What is Fantasy Football? How does it work? What is the goal? Does money have to be involved?

Fantasy Football: a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the NFL players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players. So that’s the simplified version of the game. The goal, if it isn’t obvious is to score the most points with the players on your Fantasy team. Now it’s time to join a league.

Leagues can range from 8 to 16 players; most commonly referred to as owners so there is no confusion between the NFL players and the fantasy football players. There are two types of leagues, the Free Leagues and the Money Leagues. Free Leagues are the leagues that don’t require any kind of fee to join. Money leagues are where an owner has to buy into the league or pay a league fee.

Websites like Yahoo, Entertainment and Sports Programing Network , and The National Football League, are the most popularly used sites for fantasy football. Create an account for one of the sites and join a league. The next stage is the most important aspect of Fantasy Football, the Draft.

Know when the Draft for the league is happening! Know what kind of Draft it is. There are two types, the auction or the snake. Auction drafts are much more uncommon than the Snake draft. The Auction draft is when an owner nominates a player and then everyone in the league bids on them. Whoever has the highest bid, gets the player. The Snake draft is when each owner is assigned a number. The number an owner is given decides when they will pick their player. For example, the draft would start at one and go to 16. The next round of picks means it will start at 16 and go back down to one.

So now the basics of the game are laid out. After the draft all that the owner has to do is sit back and watch football. While there are some other finer points to the game, those will be best explained by the league in which you decide to join. Now it’s time to get out there and play some Fantasy Football!

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