BHS Fall Play
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Bainbridge High School is lucky enough to have a talented theater community and student body who are eager to get involved with this extracurricular activity. Their most recent play, You Can’t take it With You, puts a major emphasis on what’s truly important in life, and how often, too much value is placed on money. The actors do a wonderful job of bringing each and every aspect of the roles they were playing to life. Without the help of teachers like Mrs. Clements, who really support the program and encourage kids to get out there, it probably wouldn’t be the same at all.

Mrs. Ande, the Ceramics teacher at BHS said, “It was one of the most detailed and beautiful sets I’ve seen from the Bainbridge theater program, and the actresses and actors brought to life the quirky characters,” after viewing the play. She hit the nail on the head too, because the set was unreal. The amount of time and work that was spent painting each and every line onto the wallpaper was impressive, and you don’t have to be an art teacher to see the thoughtful details throughout.

A junior, Frances Weller who also saw the play said, “Everyone seemed really enveloped in the story line and seemed to have made a personal connection with their characters which is what I think truly brought the production to life.” Each actor and actress paid so much attention to human nature and their character’s quirks, which really made them seem like real everyday people.

If you missed it this past weekend you can still go see the production on November 3rd and 4th at 7:30 in the evening. Tickets cost $8 for students, and $10 for adults, and it’s well worth the price!

About the Author :

Grace Ande is a senior at Bainbridge High School and is a student journalist for The Spartan Standard. She enjoys writing about the current events going on around the school and in the community. She enjoys hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter and is excited to be a returning member of the newspaper staff.