Bainbridge-Based EDM Duo Launches #3 Album
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Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills of the popular EDM duo Odesza have quickly rose to #3 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums with their new release. Odesza’s album not only reached #3 on the charts for all genres, but also #1 for Dance/Electronic albums. Billboard showcases the very best of the best, so pushing into the top 5 is a feat to be remembered.

The popular album A Moment Apart by the two artists was released on September 8, 2017, though some of the album was released early at concerts, festivals, and podcasts. A Moment Apart is, at its core, an album about growth, maturity, and perspective gained through hard-earned experience. The artists managed to handpick 16 of the last 50 songs they had produced, putting them all into what they called their prized possession. Songs like “Higher Ground”, “Line of Sight”, and “Corners of The Earth” brought in millions of streams in the first week of the album’s release on their own. “I felt like we’ve grown a lot as producers, so we really went for it,” Clayton Knight tells Billboard. The two have worked solely with each other for the last five years, so their work flow has been perfected.

Knight–from Bainbridge–began his music career in 2012 at Western Washington University with Harrison Mills, who also attended the school. While academically the two were very different in college, they have always seemed to be on the same page when making music, and it shows in their new album. The producers have always strived to create uplifting, magical music.

Odesza began during the (re)uprising of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). While many people see EDM as mindless, lyricless, and repetitive, Odesza seems to break the stereotype, especially with their new album. Incorporating featured singers into their songs, Knight and Mills bring a sense of story and emotion into their album that can be hard to accomplish in the EDM genre without a talented vocalist. “We’ve always been trying to make soundscapes and cinematic music.” Mills said in a recent interview, explaining what made their album so special.

After this stunning album is all played out, the world will await the next collection of songs Odesza has to offer. Odesza started in their hometown of Seattle just five years ago, now they’re is travelling worldwide, performing for hours at a time.

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