Trash to Treasure Adidas has created a shoe from ocean plastic
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It might seem with the continuous use of plastic and the effects on our environment and world today might be impossible to reverse, unless you’re Adidas and environmental group, Parley for the Oceans, who want change and have decided to step up to the plate to make a difference.

Back in 2015 Adidas revealed a 3D printed concept of a sneaker made of recycled ocean plastic waste. In collaboration with Parley Save Our Oceans the design consists of the upper part of the shoe which is made out of ocean plastic content, as well as the midsole which was a 3D print out of recycled fishing nets and polyester. As this idea has grown, now in 2017 the concept has evolved into the mainstream market and overall is bringing more awareness for recycling and being sustainable today. In early May of 2017, Adidas mass produced 7,000 pairs of the shoe which contains a similar Parley/ultra-boost silhouette.

The sneakers are made out of white prime net upper that is composed of 95% ocean plastic. The shoe also features a white boost soul, with an added sea foam green trimming on the back heal. Adidas used new technology to transform the recycled waste into yarn that will construct the innovative sneakers. Earlier this year three forms of Parley collab Adidas sneakers dropped new in the store all in different blue colorways.

The hope from the two companies with this plan is to draw awareness for our environment through design and to motivate other businesses to be more conservative with their products overall in the future.

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