A World Away
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5,294; 5,187; 7,528; miles is how far Zaira Garcia, Uxue Cabanes, and Natchakan Praneetpolkrang traveled to get the real American teen experience. This year, at Bainbridge High School, we have been given the privilege to host multiple exchange students from all over the world.

When the three girls were asked why they made the decision to live in America for a year, Praneetpolkrang said, “I wanted to challenge myself to live in another country, studying how other people live. I figured the experience was very rare and I should open myself up to a new perspective. I chose America because it is free and different and the lifestyle is very different from Thailand.”

Nodding in agreement with Praneetpolkrang, Cabanes, from Northern Spain, added, “Yeah, I wanted to learn about the different cultures and see how life was like in another place. I wanted to live the American experience. I chose Bainbridge Island because I came here last year for the summer and loved it.”

After long discussions about how much they all loved BHS, the nice students, and teachers, the topic of challenges came up. The unanonymous answer was the language barrier. Garcia, from Madrid, said, “Sometimes it’s a little hard to keep up in conversation or understand everything everyone is saying in English.”

With a small giggle, Cabanes said, “It’s a little frustrating when I’m in a group and by the time I form my sentence for what to say the conversation already moved onto the next topic.”
With a whole year of opportunity and adventure to come, we discussed what they are looking forward to in the upcoming year. Garcia started us off by saying, “Well what I would like is to build good friendships and learn more about American Culture.”

Next Cabanes added, “I’m looking forward to fun activities around the school, such as games, and spirit days.”
Lastly Praneetpolkrang ended this insightful conversation with a bang. “I am really looking forward to when I go home and being able to recall all the amazing memories and keep in touch with close friends.”

I want to thank these three amazing girls for taking the time to tell me a little bit about their journey and I am excited to hear about all their adventures on the rock to come.

About the Author :

Gracie Dymoke is a junior at Bainbridge High School. She loves to write and edit for the newspaper at BHS. Along with writing she is currently a section editor for sports, but also loves to write and edit all kinds of articles from opinion to news. Outside of school she rows all year long on the girls varsity team, and on the weekends enjoys hiking and just being outside.